Roblox Move Tool Glitched

When I select objects in studio, the move tool is rotated…?
I’ve been facing this problem for a few days, not sure if I clicked on a setting… but I need help fixing this.

These same objects could be moved normally, before. If anyone knows how to fix this please comment it below I would appreciate it.


Press Ctrl + L and it’ll switch back to local movement, currently you’re using a global grid.


try to use a Building Fx in plug in more easier and more effiecient

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Thank you so much.!!!
I appreciate it :grin:


Building plugins like F3x in studio sucks,

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I disagree what if u have a union and u cant change the color u can go to f3x building find the bucket and u can change the color also the resize tool is very effiecient cuz u can resize the model not only the part

Try using the f3x snap tool before you judge it (Hold R and an edge of a part)

I’m not a builder, so trying won’t make me better.

The only thing i know, is that all my friends, who are in building, don’t like plugins like this. Roblox gives you enough tools.

To change a union’s color you need to enable UsePartColor, which is usually disabled when creating a union