Roblox Needs to Fix the Group Search Page

As a new Roblox user, it is currently too hard to join a quality group when choosing a group to first join.

If you’ve never joined a group before, you’re presented with this page.

And you’re presented with 4 different categories with their own groups. Seems innocent right?

Until you realize groups can abuse the system with keywords.

The worst offender is the group which combines all four categories into one.

This group isn’t botted, and it’s game has only 7k visits. How is it so popular? By abusing the system.

It gets worse with localized groups.

When viewing the page in traditional Chinese, the results are Korean and have groups with only one member.

The group search has been greatly improved, but the group search page has been left behind. What gives?

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve new member’s experiences because they would be able to find active groups that don’t abuse the search system.


Definitely aware of this as problem, and working on it :slight_smile:


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