Roblox needs to rethink UGC's future "features"

I think making all UGC avatar items “flexible” (effectively limited) goes against the freedom promised by the platform. If a creator wants to upload an item anyone can purchase forever, without resales, that should be an option. Forcing everyone to engage with artificial scarcity and restocks seems antithetical to the vision of Roblox as a democratized platform for all creators to create and sell things however they want.


Disappointing but not surprising tbh


Could you provide the link to this conference call and any others? I’d like to see them for myself.


Lets say your a UGC creator will are access get revoked. because of new update. because I got accepted and i dont have verified ID yet.


They mentioned it in my reply, it can also be found throughout Roblox’s investor relations website.

I didn’t really truly think too much about the investor reports directly when I mentioned transparency earlier, but it is definitely clear they’re a lot more transparent with the investors than they are with the developers. The differing details provided between the two of us are highly concerning.

However, I did see this already clearly when Roblox would do interviews with the press. For example, let’s take some of the newer autogeneration AI features, they’ve said openly in interviews they’re intent is for AI to replace the developers in the long term. However, when they decided to add an AI data collection opt-in box to the creator hub after RDC announcements (which now seems to have been removed, oddly?), their language was extremely different.

I’m still writing up parts of the feature request I mentioned, which has gone into quite a bit more detail than I originally was planning to.


Hello, here is the link to the Quarterly Results page of the Investor Relations section:

Quarterly Results

About halfway down the page you will see a Financial Summary Table that is a quick reference to the different parts of each quarterly report.

The earnings call for example that references the shift away from traditional avatars and 2D assets to platform-wide use of rthro/skinned mesh avatars and 3D/layered clothing is in the Q2 2022 earnings call transcript .

A word of gentle warning: be prepared to be jaded. It’s why I joke about ‘Roblox: Powering Monetization’ but it isn’t really a joke. Behind the scenes, it is clear that innovation is more about driving monetization than it is about driving imagination. Pretty dystopian stuff.

Yeah, companies have to make money - but for me, the worst part isn’t that so much as it is the double standard of transparency between investor audience and dev audience.


I completely agree with your opinions Blizzie. Even at this point, UGC is so flooded that I barely get sales for new items I published lately.


im not a ugc maker myself but if they do this not many ugc creators will be able to make ugcs anymore it will kill the platform for many too so i agree they need to rethink it


minty i think you stay in the program. from what i know is that there are people who are in the program and posted ugc items and got in trouble but theres also people who posted a item it was removed and they somehow are allowed to stay in the program and still have the privlage to continue to upload. so for my thoughts is if your not doing anything wrong you should be still in the program no matter what.


I’m super out of the loop regarding UGC and whatnot (I’m still not even used to r15 being a thing that exists, nevermind anything newer, lol…) but come on Roblox, it’s a digital marketplace, put the effort of this feature into more moderation to prevent garbage uploads or whatever, making everything limited is just a dumb idea. (For reference, I still think the original limiteds/limited uniques from a decade ago were a bad idea as well.)