Roblox never approving improved asset bundles which got declined before

Hello I worked so hard on several bundles which get never approved and I tried to check many times alone what’s wrong with the assets.
Can you reject bundles due to names ? Is cobra a bad word?
Also why 95% of robots never pass the moderation, many ugc creators and me noticed that robots can’t pass correctly.
THat’s why I attempted to make something normal which doesn’t still pass.
The first version with no underwear got denied, so I thought it was fair but when I changed and added underwear and it doesn’t pass still.
Do you have a bot which tries to recognize upcoming bundles?
Like if I tried to import a green snake, so it’ll never pass after that?
Only my snail passed in one try, the other snails pass too.
But my robots and snakes do never pass. Why ?
We really need some transparency from moderators.

Expected behavior

I expect to get accepted like my snail bundles.


And a last thing to prove you I’m not crazy, I checked if my model had n-gons, holes and more :

I never break the rules when I attempt to make bundles.
Seriously you really need to add a comment moderator to know why it get rejected so we can avoid wasting too much time and too much energy.

Seriously I need help.


Hi Ryxku,

Thanks for reaching out regarding your UGC Bundles.

I suspect that your snake bundle may have been rejected due to the presence of an accessory.

We don’t allow accessories on UGC Bodies right now, such as tails. We also don’t allow tattoos/markings.

I hope this provides some clarity. For more details and examples, please have a look at our Marketplace Policy.


Hi Hydroponic I thought about removing the “tatoo” as you can see (I wouldn’t have imagined it was a tattoo, it looked like it was the pattern of an insect on his back). And I can tell you this is not the reason because you still reject the bundle with no texture (I tried all possible combinations). That means without tatoo it doesn’t pass).
And for the “tail”, I made it part of the torso because it no longer looks like a snake without.The goal was to create an “S” shaped torso. I wouldn’t consider it as accessory. Because without the slight “tail” shape the texture can no longer work with the rest of the body because of color variances. I’m at least wondering if it’s possible to have a lowertorso that ends in a triangular corner without being judged as a tail.
I don’t like to denounce my colleagues but I know of some bundles that use fake “accessory” like the Turkey Bundle have been accepted. They make no sense without


I read the rules of the site you sent to make it clearer and I think that my “tattoo” was within the norms since it represented less than 50% of the character. It wasn’t everywhere

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By the way thank you for the clarifications at least, I managed to upload a new test snake which got accepted without tail and tatoo!

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