Roblox Not approving letters?

Alright today I was trying to upload grades for my school I was making. I uploaded single lettered decals to Roblox. A, B, C, D, and F. However, Roblox rejected them and gave me a warning??? I’m super confused as it was just a simple grade letter. Does anyone know why they warned me for it??? Here’s one of the decals I uploaded to Roblox…

That was probably automated, the same exact thing happened to me. It was also the letter A and Roblox deleted it, but I emailed them in Roblox Support and they said it followed the rules, I’m not really sure about what they said because when they answered I already published a new one but a bit different and it was allowed. So, in this case, I suggest emailing Roblox.

Send a message to Mod_Review_Requests and they will review the image. I’m fairly certain this was a mistake made by the moderation bot, so it’s likely the image will be approved once they review the appeal.


I’m pretty sure they warned you because people make T-Shirts with letters to make curse words appear, I might not be correct but I know Roblox doesn’t want that.