Roblox not launching unless I spam

My Roblox app doesn’t launch from the app or browser, it only launches when I spam open Roblox. My device uses Windows 10
In Task Manager, when I open Roblox from any browser, only the mouse cursor shows loading with no Roblox app show up in Apps and Roblox Game Client is stuck in the browser at a certain memory and its cpu decrease to 0%, same with opening from app but Roblox Game Client is stuck at the Background processes.

I have to spam open Roblox from both browser and app, if a Roblox Game Client’s memory and cpu increase quickly it means Roblox is launching but for other Roblox Game Client which decrease to 0% and stuck there make my laptop slow I have to close them which really annoying and takes time to launch Roblox, I have no idea how much Roblox app needs to open to launch it’s pretty random.

I often have to spam opening Roblox a lot which sometimes enough to freeze or break my laptop.

I have tried: Uninstall, reinstalling Roblox, deleting Roblox folder in program files (x86) and appdata, deleting Roblox cookies in all browsers, run as administrator, running the program in compatibility mode in win 7 & 8, deleting Roblox cache, watched so many videos, google so many solutions. And none of those work.

For Roblox Studio and MS Roblox, they work fine.
What I want to achieve: launch Roblox in a click.

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we can’t be the only people who are experiencing this and actually reporting to the devforum

why is this problem so overlooked???

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