Roblox objects interacting with a real environment

I was inspired by CGMatter’s “objects… now in 360!” tutorial and made my own Roblox implementation that makes use of the same concept. This is a Roblox skybox that parts can cast shadows on and interact with.

Here’s a screenshot of the effect:


Bro… how did you do this. :sunglasses:

@jmkd3v is it possible to have the trees, cars, and other objects intractable as well?


So you implemented the Blender Object System 360 into roblox (probably using pictures IM GUESSING).

Question 1: Does this take many resources and faces/parts?

Question 2: How did you do this, could you make a Community Tutorial on it?

Question 3: How long did it take and what are the risks?



No! It’s actually quite performant.

I’m not planning on making a tutorial for it at the moment, given it’s not that useful in an actual game.

It didn’t take too long. I don’t know what you mean by “risks” - it’s not something you can just implement into the game given the nature of it.

What I mean by risks is a possible studio crash, lag when importing, maybe lag when trying to execute it or something, if you see what I mean.

Haven’t had any crashes/lag so far, no.

Good, well nice to see that people are experimenting, good luck on all your experiments!

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Looks good. I think a tutorial would get quite a few views, maybe making it worthwhile…

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How is this possible… how did you do this?

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Wow. That kind of looks like minecraft in real life but far more realistic and it just looks awesome!

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You can see in the reflected sphere it’s a skybox, most likely with some invisible parts to walk on.

It looks like the skybox is the physical space though. :eyes:


Actually, there aren’t any invisible parts! As you can see, parts are casting shadows on the ground plane, which is my own implementation of a “shadow-catcher”, as you might see in Blender.

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Then how was this made…? I don’t know what other way to achieve this sort of effect.

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If I take a normal part and put an invisible plate under it, it won’t cast a shadow.

I’ve implemented my own shadow-catcher type object - in real 3d software, this would be an invisible object that shadows could be cast on. I’ll be explaining my implementation in more detail in the near future.