Roblox Oculus App Lighting Issues

I just finished a VR exclusive roblox game and its been working great. The idea was that it was a short game for the new oculus app. It works really well on PC and it looks like this:

In the oculus app, it looks more like this:

The quality drop makes it way worse and kind of ruins the point. It almost looks like it switched from future lighting to another lighting mode, which is what it looks like in studio. I’ve tried switching it from future and it looked like the second picture. I’m wondering if there’s anyway to fix this, whether thats changing lighting settings, scripting, or something like that. Thanks!


Sadly I don’t think there’s much you can do to fix this since the Oculus is just way less powerful than an actual PC.

Future lighting isnt currently compatible with oculus afaik. So you’re going to have to compromise.

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