Roblox on Console bug - Incorrect application font in Roblox Main Menu & CoreGUI

Roblox on Console bug - Incorrect application font in Roblox Main Menu & CoreGUI

Behaviour: Roblox on Console uses GothamSSM instead of the Builder Sans font, the font that has been announced to replace GothamSSM in the Roblox application.

Expected behaviour: The Roblox on Console must be updated to utilize the new Builder Sans fonts, as on other platforms such as mobile and PC for platform parity.

Main Menu
Roblox Loading Screen
CoreGUI in-game

Experienced? This bug has been experienced since the font update has been applied to the mobile and PC application, but despite updating the Roblox on console application, clearing cache, and what not, the font is missing.

A comparison between the console and PC client, regarding font usage.


  1. Enter the Roblox application on Console
  2. The font is not at all applied, anywhere.
  3. The home, avatar, setting screen, loading screen, coregui menu, in-experience menu, emotess screen, all lacks the Builder font.

Frequency: Consistent
System: Console

Expected behavior

The Roblox on Console app should have visual font parity with the Builder sans announcement, that is set to replace all Roblox applications with the same font. However, parity is not observed in the footage comparison. Expect to see the BUuiler Sans font implemented, instead of the wrong font!


Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.


Hi @TreeNinjaPR0 thank you for the bug report and for the excellent linked video showcasing the issue!

We are aware that Builder Sans has yet to be deployed to Console and plan on deploying the font very soon!


Hello again @TreeNinjaPR0 - it looks like the rollout for console should be complete. Can you verify when you get a chance that you’re now seeing Builder Sans on console?

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I could confirm rhe Builder sans deployment. Thanks for the quick console solution! I hope more will get done with the console.


i needed to point this out but, in the Ingame report tab, the info circles, (like the one in the sponsored experiences) avatar adjustment an that little profile picture on the “More” menu still use the old selection boxes. It sort of bugs me because it doesn’t use the new selection outlines, Will this be changed?

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You could post this in my existing bug report about not new selection outlines: