Roblox Open World City Showcase!

Hello, I made a cool futuristic city game showcase, check it out. My last Roblox game.

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The descriptions seems…awefully depressing. I recommend Godot. It has some brilliant features you can use.

Now onto the game:

Pretty cool ig. Feels very lively. Might want to put that Team changer if you want to improve


Very nice, love the bright colors keep up the great work!!!

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Thanks a lot! I’ll try Godot out.

Also the reason I quit was due to the lack of help in Roblox’s developer scene, its very easy to get help in other platforms, but in roblox, only thing a dev has is the DevForums, Scripting Helpers, and HiddenDevs. Two of them outright terrible and scummy, and in DevForums, barely ever do I get a respond oof.

Have you ever heard of the developer subdomain for developers…? Tutorials, syntax, etc… Not everything will be handed to you on a silver platter my friend, you gotta work to get good.

Also your game looks quite… lacking. I don’t think someone who has not put any effort into making a well (scripted) game should be criticizing the learning process. 4 years ago I could not code. Now I code in multiple languages.

Your building is a start. If after this you are still not confident in scripting, go for building instead.