Roblox over the shoulder camera problems

I recently started Roblox studio over the past few month. I have been trying to make an over the shoulder camera similar to Moon city and Dawn of Aurora. Does any one know where I should start.

Thank you.

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Assuming you’re talking about this game:

I would look into the following links:

Start off with the camera, basically what you’re going to have to know about before getting anywhere.
Camera - Particularly Scriptable CameraType

Understanding CFrames - Roblox camera uses CFrame for positioning.

RunService:BindToRenderStep - “Recalculate” your camera each RenderStep (see RenderPriority)

Also, ensure you’re using HumanoidRootPart as your reference point – it never changes, regardless of animation.

Visual of this:

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Ok I’ll look into those when I have time thanks for the help!!

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This is another good article to link on the developer hub.