Roblox Pathfinder gets stuck in doorways - Engine Bug

I am 99% sure this is a roblox pathfinding bug.

As you can see in the video, the pathfinder is trying to move through these doors to the finish position. The white parts are the path:GetWaypoints(). Even though the AgentRadius is larger than the npc’s hitbox, it gets stuck in the corners and the waypoints act really weirdly.

I’ve tried pretty much everything from removing the doors, adding pathfinding modifiers to the doors, making the wall out of individual parts instead of a union, turning collisions off on the parts at the bottom of the walls, changing the agentradius to pretty much every number and so much more.

local path = pfs:CreatePath({
	AgentHeight = 8;
	AgentRadius = 2.9;
	AgentCanJump = false

From what I see in the video the problem is the arms of the character, you should try again to increase the number of AgentRadius (on the character’s arms)

AgentRadius = 2.9;

The arms have CanCollide turned off.
The grey box you can see is the NPC’s hitbox, which is the only part of the npc that can collide with anything.

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Then the gray box is the problem, you need to disable CanCollide.

I once had this issue as well. I am not entirely sure exactly what I did to fix it but I do remember that PathfindingLinks were of help. You should probably look into that.


If i did that, the npc would just fall through the floor. The hitbox is supposed to collide with things, it’s just an issue with roblox pathfinding.

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I think this might be the answer.

It’s not ideal, but works better than any other method. Thank you!

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