Roblox perminantly suspended my game with no warning

Hello, i was recently banned for 3 days and my game was perminantly suspended. I have been working on the game for so long. The reason why my game was suspended and i was banned was non of my fault. I contacted roblox and I still have no answer. They suspended my game without any warning. Arent they supposed to give a warning??

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I’d wait until you receive a response on your ticket. It could have been a false suspension, those happen. Getting no reasoning on it isn’t unheard of either, but did you use any free models in your game? Recently some players are seeing terminations because they used a free model that later turned out to be stolen assets.

Yes I used free models, roblox said the reason they suspended it was because of a gallow, which i think is something people use to hang people. But i didnt add anything related to that in my game, and i havnt used any free models recently either. I will stay calm as long as i know that they can restore my game, but i dont know if they can. Im pretty sure they can bc they have access to everything, but i want to know for sure.

Its just that the word “permanently” scares me

Does anyone know for sure if they can get the game back?

When you work on game its always auto save your process have you check it yet?
its in Documents or wait behind after 3 days from ban maybe u should go your game and click … then go Configure Place > now go version history maybe it can help you a bit

Does your game get any players? A freemodel you used may have contained a script that allows exploiters to put anything into the game.