Roblox player crashes when I try to enter an experience from the website

Hello, I am a Windows 11 user; every time I try to enter an experience from the Roblox Website, my Roblox Player Crashes after Seconds of clicking the play button.

What I tried doing:

  • Tried reinstalling roblox
  • Tried deleting the AppData\Local\Roblox folder
  • Tried deleting the roblox Temp folder in %temp%
  • Tried clearing Thumbnails using Disk Clean-up
  • Tried downloading and starting roblox in a new Windows Account
  • Tried turning off Real-time protection in Windows Security
  • Tried checking both Disable full-screen optimisations & Run this program as an administrator options via Compatibility tab in the program’s Properties menu

I really hope someone can help fix my issue, it is really frustrating at this point…

Dump file:

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

The issue seems to have been resolved, I’ll mark this as solved

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