Roblox Playlists

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find games relating to your interests now that genres aren’t used to sort the game page.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because people who like games like mine can more easily find mine.

What I’m suggesting is that like youtube, and other video streaming platforms, Roblox a game streaming platform could allow users to make custom playlists of games. Like say you want to find a showcase, just look up showcases in playlist search to find a playlist filled with beautiful games. Let’s say you like FPS games, a player could assemble their favorite FPS games as a playlist. Like obbies? Now we have a playlist for obbies. Are you a developer who works on a ton of group projects not under groups you own? Make a playlist called “Games I Worked On” as your portfolio!


Support! As a user myself for almost a decade on the platform, it has been hard and somewhat helpful if we could have a game playlist or genre playlists on the website or engine itself.

Youtube and Netflix have something like a playlist system where you could favorite or put games into that playlist to watch to preview later during your time into that app, why not Roblox add this to the platform? From my perspective, it can make it easier for developers and users find and categorize or organize games of their choice from “My games”, “Games to look at later”, and maybe “Zombie games” that will help out users remember and go back to play a game.

I do see benefits to this feature that can help out developers themselves for testing purposes in the mining game, and to organize the games they’ve contributed and made during development on Roblox.

Would be nice if this was added to the platform years back or present-days on Roblox, an organization with gaming would help out a lot.


For sure, since I’ve posted this I also realized that these kinds of playlists could be used to help train the neural network they use for recommending games to people.

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