ROBLOX, Please add camera layering!

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make proning and up close shots look good in a first person shooter. Idk if you’ve already seen this, but in any FPS roblox game, the viewmodels look terrible when walking up to other surfaces up close (normal view) (up close to a surface)

ROBLOX, you guys seriously need to allow us the feature to use camera layering, as it would majorly help us out with 3D UI which is huge for UI development! We want that ability so that we can have things look like this

(Notice how close up to a wall I am and there’s no distortion)
and not like what was shown above. Thanks for reading this, and I hope the ROBLOX devs can add a feature which has already been available in games since 1999.


This is actually a very good idea! I am hoping in the future roblox will be able to add stuff like this.

This was suggested in the past, but is not possible.


How would this be implemented, though?
I’m not sure this has much to do with the camera but how models are rendered themselves.
If I remember correctly, most games render a client version of the weapon (the one you see in your hands, which has more control), and a server side that other players see, which has full scale.
The issue being that the server-side being full scale would have to somehow show the distortion, and having the client version not do so is your best solution, unless you pull some math to make the character hold the weapon differently while looking at a wall.

I think what we need is an AlwaysOnTop property for BaseParts. The Adornment objects have an AlwaysOnTop property and they’re 3D so I don’t really think it’d be that difficult to implement an AlwaysOnTop property for BaseParts.

Or perhaps make use of the stencil buffer

Used this technique in a FPS project in a Java engine I wrote a few years ago.