Roblox Premium - Mobile Bugs

Yesterday, I saw Roblox added Roblox Premium Membership, and I have some questions:

I set up this topic on Mobile Bugs for the net reason:
Once I saw Roblox Premium Membership, I log-on mobile (Android), then, I went to buy membership tab; here’s the first error:
On Roblox Web, you can buy 450, 1000 and 2200 Premium Membership, on mobile, you can only buy the 450 one. I think Roblox Team should fix the last error, think about all users who don’t have a PC (or other devices than mobile) that want to buy a higher Roblox Premium Membership on mobile, like me. Please, fix that.

If you want to help, please be free to post in here, I’ll be grateful of your help.


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