Roblox PS4 Slim Crash (CE-34878-0)

One of my experiences crashes on a PS4 Slim before the character spawns. Works fine on most mobile devices & Xbox. Others have reported PS4 crashing.


  • Play experience linked above on PS4 / Slim
  • On the main menu, press Play, then press Save on character screen
  • Wait for Earth to load, observe application crash (error CE-34878-0)

Extra context: the game freezes up for about 15 seconds, and apparently this doesn’t occur on PS5.


Seems like no support for the PS4 users. And maybe they wont be adding it as well its gotten outdated. Better stick with PS5 now ey?


PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim are all supported.


Oh okay. Hey Staff can I ask you something like extremely important? If you don’t mind?

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Yes, it’s ok to ask questions.


I sent a DM or PM, check it out. It has the details to my extremely frusturating and annoying and hinderous causing issue.


Is this something I need to optimize myself (e.g. heavy processing on join) or are there plans to fix?

Yes, if it’s possible I would recommend breaking up game start into smaller updates as frames taking a long time might terminate the Roblox application on PS.

  • it might be best to defer game join event handling to the next frame to separate 30% of load into the next heartbeat
  • component registration takes a long time, splitting work by task.wait can help make load more interactive
  • game joint plays 10 000 tween animations, while this is something that we will likely optimize away, it’s best to not start so many tweens in a single frame