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roblox-py v3.25.111

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roblox-py is a production ready Python to Luau compiler for roblox. The latest version adds support for all Python 3.13 statements, performance boosts, rewritten from the ground up, and a simpler interface.


This guide requires experience in the Terminal and Executables, for an online compiler visit the Playground linked above.



squares = [num**2 for num in range(100)]
  • Run ./rbxpy test.py -o test.lua -f or ./rbxpy.exe test.py -o test.lua -f (the -f means to include python standard functions)
  • Check test.lua and also try running it.

Oh yeah, did I mention roblox-ts support!


I haven’t documented Rojo support and TS Support but you can read about that in the Discord server.

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Do you have an example game using this system? Would be interested to see.

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I can try to make one real quick.

I included the /out folder

The compilation process is:

  • rcc install rbxpy
  • rcc
    the RCC tool is a wrapper around rbxpy and rbxtsc that allows for rbxpy to be used for directories with Rojo and use rbxpy+rbxtsc together.
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