Roblox R6 Torso Look Up/Down

I am trying to “bend” the R6 torso about the hip area for an aiming up/down function:
R6 Torso Rotation Goal
However the issue I have is that I don’t know how to properly rotate the torso while still preserving R6 animations. If I just rotate the torso on the default R6 rig, the legs rotate with it.

So I created a custom rig with an additional part, but now the leg animations don’t play. I think this is because I had to adjust their Motor6Ds to be attached to the new part. If anyone has any ideas how to accomplish this while preserving animations, please let me know. I know a lot of these scripts exist for R15 because it has an actual spine, but I couldn’t find any that accomplished this for R6

This is the place file. R6 Torso Rotation Problems.rbxl (28.0 KB)
Rotating itself is accomplished using a modified version of this script which was designed for R15: Character look at - Roblox


There’s a waist motor 6D, you can do everything there

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That is for R15, this is specifically about R6. I am not seeing any waist motor for R6.

I think you will have to create your own custom set of animations specifically for your rig.