Roblox Recorder Sound Issue

Im too cheap to buy a proper, reliable, recording device so I still use roblox’s recorder. Plus, I really think the roblox recorder is a great way to get the average user to publicize roblox. They can get a video of roblox on youtube for free!

Anyways the main bug Im facing is this annoying sound bug. Its been here for a VERY long time, it may have even been brought up before but im bringing it up again. It sounds terrible and I can’t watch videos like this. I have to put music over my videos in order for them to be watchable.

Here’s an example (warning to people with headphones)

Literally every free recording software is better than roblox’s recorder. I do not recommend using it for anything.


I think this issue has something to do with FMOD.
When they updated the DLL to fix the popping sound, this bug appeared.
I honestly think Roblox should just drop their current recorder feature in favor of embedding code from OBS instead.

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