Roblox removing songs licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

Roblox is removing songs under Creative Commons Attribution licenses. Despite reaching out to Roblox several times, the assistance provided by their support representatives has been unhelpful. They simply reiterate that I can use songs from the marketplace, as though this wasn’t already within my knowledge. I’ve included a few images that depict another individual complaining about this matter, illustrating instances where royalty-free songs are being taken down from the platform:

Here are the links to the removed songs, in both formats:

Other format: Killing Time - Roblox

Other format: Winner Winner! - Roblox


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!


Same thing is happening to me. I uploaded a tornado siren sound effect, which was under a royalty-free license, as I made sure before uploading it, yet it was taken down as a ‘Intellectual Property Violation’.
(Tornado Siren - Roblox)

I don’t understand why it’s simply so hard to get any moderation issues resolved currently, since the beginning of the month, the word of a vegetable, ‘potato’, has been blacklisted across the site. I haven’t been able to get any response that even acknowledges the problem, across DevForum’s mod review requests and the support form. Which, of course, prevents me from creating/updating assets with that word or saying it in chat.


Hi @PocketPanini thanks for taking the time to file a bug report! Currently Roblox does not have a way to validate licenses for music. This means that if we detect that an audio file matches an existing song we remove it from the platform. Our support team also cannot validate licenses which is why they have be unable to assist you here. @moo1210 this also applies to your tornado siren sound effect.

This is not an ideal situation and we are aware that this negatively impacts developer workflows. While we work on improving these issues I would suggest looking at the marketplace for similar audio assets or creating your own original music.


If this is still affecting you could you start a new bug report topic for this? Another team handles text moderation and they would be able to help you better than I can.

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I have filed a bug report. Appreciate the response.

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Would it not be possible to just escalate support issues regarding counterclaims that we do in fact have licenses given the recent communication about how copyright on the platform is handled? A lot of developers do not have the resources to just create their own assets - and there have in fact been issues in the past with original music being taken down as well.

This more than just “negatively impacts developer workflows” and I’m afraid that we don’t have time to wait years for a solution in this space, as some critical developer-workflow-affecting issues have taken very long to resolve irrespective of the reason (blockers, technical difficulties, policies and such); and for niche cases, it’s difficult to find a fitting existing sound.


This is really annoying, ive had a few songs taken down even when they were custom, if a song is custom can it at least return a upload for the month?

Really is easier to find copyright, free use music online via Youtube and audio sites, but these get taken down so fast

Is this even being worked on, when the post was made we thought it would be fairly fast for it to come, but it is still issue after issue. Leading to this “audio update” not even being an update and more of a downgrade.

For what it’s worth, you’ve been telling us this since early 2020… In the introduction of this system in May 2018, Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action, we were told to email dev relations, who would actually resolve the issue in the short term. But then, sometime in early 2020, DevRel responded to those requests saying that such is no longer possible. And now, of course, the DevRel email address doesn’t even exist, and there’s no possible way to reverse these claims as of right now. (unless your RoBeats?)

We need some type of borderline proper music licensing management, much sooner rather than later. This isn’t something that should just be that there’ll be a solution in a few years, to be delayed a few more years.

Additionally, this staff member in another bug report, provided context about “one of the ways we detect copyrighted audios”, I’m guessing this is referring to one which is the cause of these issues.

How all of these songs are ending up on AudibleMagic seems quite odd to me, either through mistake or bad intentions. I’m going to look into this further at some point.

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