Roblox report api

Hello, im making a discord bot to scrap roblox Condos and report them.
Therefore i was looking for the report api, and, a way to use it.

I would really appreciate if you could help me.

That doesn’t sound malicious at all.

You’re welcome to check the API docs first and find anything, but I’m not sure the report API is public.


sorry to sound dumb, ive not seen this docs before, can we call this from within our code or is that against ToS, ty in advance

The API is totally open to use by developers, roblox doesn’t accept requests directly from their game servers so you’ll have to use an external server or a proxy server for redirecting requests.

so it would work from a local plugin then ?

Yes, for example, you can create a express server, with node js. Your plugin can send a post request to that, and well yea, once you post to that specific url, you can trigger a function that will send a post request trough a package, for example axios. My problem is: IDK what api roblox uses to send abuse reports, and secondly, idk what headers i have to pass.

You’ll need to know how to make web requests & submit form data. It’s against ToS to false report so I’d advise against attempting to mass report condo games.


thanks, yeah i know how to do APIs no problems, i will probably give it a miss, just interested to know. Thanks

Thank you! Is there any data i have to pass in the headers as well?

Likely just your cookie but I’ve never tried myself.

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