Roblox Research Panel Message

fastest reply ever btw 30- chars

i also got this and the compensation they should give is to me… I should be Verified!!! (this is a joke)


I haven’t gotten this, so maybe not?


I haven’t got it, I think I’m not an active person on the Devforum. But I wish I would’ve got it.


(makes no sense)
I have a guess that this thing is sent to users who completed surveys before.
Personally I was in something like that.

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I got this message too and i filled out the survey that was linked. not sure what this is about exactly but in the email it says
“By completely responding to the above survey form you consent to be contacted by Roblox and research companies working on its behalf, to take surveys and participate in user research projects, some of which may be compensated. You can opt out at any time.”

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i havent filled out any of the surveys before as i wasnt invited to join any at the time but i got the message


It might have something to do with how long you’ve been on the forum.

I just got one as well, i think everyone is getting it.

this is what the survey looks like, it’s weird…

I even got an e-mail wth:

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Maybe. I got this too, but I’m rarely check DevForum

I did get the invitation but I rarely use DevForum to be fair. Maybe it’s based on how long you’ve been registered on ROBLOX/ DevForum?

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I did a bit of digging and concluded that it probably isn’t based on how long you’ve been registered on the forum.

From what I saw, there was someone who registered in 2022 and got an invitation. Franklin registered in 2021 without getting one. Might also be something else but who knows.


I have got the message too, I just applied right now.

This panel is for Roblox to present ideas, concepts and gather research from you in the form of zoom calls with Roblox staff, they’ll ask for your thoughts for their research for future features they’ll be working on, you may be compensated for providing your thoughts (usually 100-200$, but sometimes higher).


I’ve recived this too, thought I’m not interested in money but if there is something else (As a compensastion) then I’ll considerate it. I’ll appreciate if you got any more info in it.

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i think everyone who’s been on the devforum for at least 3 months gets the invite.