Roblox Resorts [Affiliate Information]

Interested in starting an alliance with Roblox Resorts?

At Roblox Resorts, we strive to create the best and most relaxing environment for our guests, and at the same time give our staff the best place to work. We always look forward to creating connections with other groups that have the same interests. If you are interested in having an alliance with us, you must meet the following standards:

  • Must have a member count over 40 (non-botted, real members)
  • Must be willing to be actively involved in our community
  • Must be willing to announce RR events
  • Must know the Group Founder
  • Must be an active group
  • Must have a Communications server
  • Must have a minimum of 2 high-ranked representatives to join both our Communications Server & group

If you feel your group meets or exceeds the list of standards we set above, below shows what we expect from your group:

  • Group staff members must remain professional and respectful to all of Roblox Resort’s staff members and guests in all games.
  • Your group must set a standard for your staff (grammar, professionalism, etc.)
  • We expect that your group will keep a good reputation.
  • Groups must be aware of RR’s procedures & protocol.

We will update this list in the near future.

Contact the Group Founder, itsllucky, if you are interested in an alliance via DMs or messages (lucky#5448).