Roblox Resorts [Rank Information]

Located below are brief descriptions of our group ranks.


This rank is for all regular group members who do not have a rank. This rank is also given to users who have been terminated from their position.


This rank is for users who have done remarkable things within the group and/or community and are remembered by an Owner. This rank is also for an owner’s alternative account(s) or Middle & High Ranks who resign from their position and decide to still be in the group. This rank may also be given to representatives from an allying group.


This rank is for users who have been temporarily suspended from the job at Roblox Resorts for any reason. They are given suspension as punishment.


This rank is for users who are awaiting training in order to receive an official rank. They have passed interviews and are on the verge of getting a start at working at Roblox Resorts.

Low-Ranks [LR]


This rank is for workers who attend the snack bar to help guests with food.


This rank is for workers who are attending to the front desk to help guests book into rooms. They are also there to assist guests in any way possible.


Senior Staff are expected to work any jobs that are open and help other staff. They must also deal with disruptive customers if needed. is for workers who keep an eye out for the resort and handle trollers/exploiters.

Middle-Ranks [MR]


Employee Assistants are staff who have been dedicated to their job, and have been promoted from a Low Rank (4-6). They are essentially to assist low-ranked staff members with their job.


Assistant Supervisors are staff members who have been promoted from [7] Employee Assistant and are to assist Resort Supervisors in their job.


Resort Supervisors are people who supervise both the resort and the ranks below them. They may instruct Assistant Supervisors and Employee Assistants. They are former Assistant Supervisors who have been noticed by a High Rank.


Head of Departments are workers who have been promoted from Resort Supervisor. Their job is to watch over the Low Ranks, Employee Assistants, and Supervisors (both Assistant and Resort). They must also host shifts.


This rank is for workers who have been promoted from [10] Head of Departments. Their job is to assist the host of training/interview sessions and manage the resort.


This rank is for workers who have worked VERY hard and are dedicated to their job. They have been promoted from [11] Management Team, and are to host shifts & training sessions.


Users in this rank contribute to the development of our games.

High-Ranks [HR]


Vice Presidents are to manage shifts and sessions and assist Low & Middle ranks. They have great dedication to Roblox Resorts and have been promoted from [12] Executive Management.


Presidents are to manage the group as a whole. They have been in Roblox Resorts for a very long time and have great experience working here.


Group Directors are to make group decisions and be very active. They have personally been selected to have this rank by an Owner.

Owners [-]


This rank contains users who know the Chairman very well and have contributed greatly to make Roblox Resorts amazing. They have been chosen specifically to be Vice Chairman.


This rank belongs to the owner and founder of the group, itsllucky.



Low ranks are ranks ranging from 4-6. These ranks include Snack Helper (4), Security (5), and Receptionist (6). Low Ranks are expected to work their specified job the entire time while at the resort. Small breaks are allowed in the break room, but no more than 5 minutes. They must wear your uniform at the resort the whole time and also listen to Middle Ranks (7-12) if they instruct you to do a job. They are allowed to assist at training sessions. Finally, they are required to use adequate grammar, punctuation, and capitalization in all of Roblox Resort’s games.


Middle ranks are ranks ranging from 7-12. These ranks include Employee Assistant (7), Assistant Supervisor (8), Resort Supervisor (9), Head of Departments (10), Management Team (11), and Executive Management (12). Middle-Ranks are expected to assist at training and interview sessions. They are allowed to instruct Low Ranks but you cannot boss them around, as that is counted as abuse of power. Middle-Ranks must use proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization in all games unless told otherwise by a High Rank or Owner. They are given admin in the resort and in interview sessions and are not to abuse these powers. Finally, they must wear their uniform at the resort.


High Ranks are ranks ranging from 14-16. These ranks include Vice President (14), President (15), and Group Director (16). High Ranks are expected to host shifts/sessions and perm-ban exploiters, bypassers, etc. at the resort. They must use grammar, punctuation, and capitalization in all games unless told otherwise by an Owner. High Ranks are expected to set a good example and be respectful to lower ranks and guests, as they do represent the majority of the group.

NOTE: Vice Chairman (17) and Chairman (18) are Owners and are NOT considered High Ranks.