Roblox Resorts [SS Promotion Guide]

Welcome to the Senior Staff promotion guide!
Are you a Senior Staff member looking to achieve a Middle Rank here at Roblox Resorts? You have come to the right place.

Keep in mind, all Senior Staff promoted to Employee Assistant and must work their way up.

Want a chance to be promoted? Make sure to read over the list below:

  • Be active
  • Show dedication & respect to peers and guests
  • Be capable of collaborating with others
  • Help others when needed

Please note this is a rough list and not everything above will lead to a promotion. This list will be revised if needed.

At Roblox Resorts, we are looking for the best Senior Staff to join the Employee Assistant team. However, there are a number of things that Senior Staff should not do. For example, do not try to impersonate MRs. This includes standing around in the middle of the lobby and trying to moderate the game when there are open spaces at the Reception desk and Bar. Also, another factor that contributes to being promoted is your activity. We ask that if you are interested in being promoted at Roblox Resorts, we encourage you to be as active as possible. Being respectful and kind helps build a good reputation and will definitely help you get promoted.

Our High-Rank team wishes you the best on your next journey here at Roblox Resorts!