Roblox Resorts [Training Procedure]

MR+ may use this guide in order to know how to host or assist/help at training sessions.
Hosts: Please read this guide in its entirety, as it has all the details especially pertaining to hosting. You may receive a strike for failing to use the guide properly.

Preparing before for the session:

  1. When hosting, head to the Activity Logging Trello board and follow these instructions:

    • Go to the “Examples” column (the 2nd one) on the board and find the following template card (it’s the last one):
      Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 8.12.53 PM
      Click the green “Create Card from Template” button at the top right.
      Then configure the title and on the dropdown menu, select the appropriate “Pending” list (depending on what type of session you’re hosting).
      In the card description, fill out the Date, Time, and Host fields, then read the Note at the bottom. After reading, delete the entire note.
      Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 8.18.16 PM
  2. Now, after finishing filling out the Activity Logging board, head to the Hosting Schedule Trello board and under the “Format & Example” column, create a card from the Template card (the 1st one). This is because this board is public, so members can know when the next session is.

  3. Configure the title and send the card to the “Pending Trainings” list.

    • You don’t need to do anything else to this card other than the title and label, since it’s just for people to know the next session.
  4. Now, go back to Discord and head to the #announce channel. Make sure to create an announcement with Dyno by using the following format command:

?announce #upcoming-sessions TRAININGS | Hosted by your username
A training session will be hosted at the training center on Month Day, Year at Time AM/PM Timezone! Trainees, head into the training center to receive adequate training for your respective ranks. All staff-members are needed to assist, see you all there!

  1. Go to the group page and under the group shout, make a message announcing your upcoming training session.

  2. Around 15 or so minutes before your session, make sure to head to the #trainings channel and use the “!training” command in order for MEE6 to send a message for everyone to join.

    Go to both Trello board and drag your card to the correct Finished/Concluded list, and add the “Cancelled” label (do not remove any of the labels you’ve already added). Then go to Discord and delete Dyno’s upcoming message by using the ?purge [number] command.

During your session:

  1. Make sure to have the host guide readily available, you must use it to copy and paste the session instructions.
    • You’re allowed to have your own customized guide, however it must contain all the essential information needed.
    • Fetch the host guide from the #hr-resources channel in the Discord server.
  2. As people join the game, make sure to record who joins in the Activity Logging board. If needed, you may use “:joinlogs” to see which staff joined. This is for activity purposes.
  3. If you’d like, you may do a countdown and after the countdown ends you can slock the server using the “!slock” command.
    • Keep in mind, you cannot lock a server before its start time.
  4. After server-locking, look at your MR/HR staff and select 2 Session Supervisors to assist you. They will help assign staff to a job for that session (helper/trainer) and answer questions. Keep in mind that supervisors for your session can only be ranks 10+. Give them moderator commands, and record their names on the Activity Logging Trello board.
    • In order to assign, use the following command:

!sv [player name]

  1. Host yourself with the “!host [your username]” command.

  2. Run through the host guide by using copy & paste, and using the “:m” or “:sm” commands.

  3. When it’s time for everyone to line up (as stated in the host guide), send all of your Middle-Ranks inside the Instruction Area, and have all remaining staff/trainees line up in the middle. You must stay out in the lobby making sure they are doing so.

    • After everyone lines up accordingly, go inside the Instruction Area using “:to me”.
  4. Remain in front of the door, and open it when you and and all your MRs are ready.

  5. Head to the stage and stand at the top, then continue on with your instructions. Session Supervisors are to randomly pick trainers (ranks 7+ only and must pick 2 trainers for each rank)

    • When picking trainers, make sure to name them “[rank] Trainer” and use the “!trainer [username]” command. When assigning assistant trainers, use the “!assisttrain [username]” command. Make sure to assign a total of 6 trainers each session, two for each rank.
  6. When you are finished with using the host guide, have everyone line up and pick randomly which rank can go first into the Training Area. Have your Session Supervisors open the Training Area doors. The trainer for that rank will lead them into the correct area.

  7. The host may walk around and spectate the session, as well as Session Supervisors.

  8. Trainers must use the guide provided in the Discord server, and adequately train trainees for a rank.

  9. Trainers & Session Supervisors are to be extremely observant during the session, and catch any grammar errors a trainee makes. If a trainee makes an error, the trainer or a Session Supervisor must add a strike to their count by using the following command:

/strike [player] (+1 strike)
/removestrike [player] (-1 strike)
/clrstrikes [player] (removes all strikes)
Keep in mind, trainers/SS cannot strike a trainee if the trainee corrects themselves before trainers/SS do.

  1. When a trainee meets the requirement for a section, trainers must use the points command to add a point. Remember, Trainees need 3/5, Snack Helpers need 4/5, and Receptionists need 5/5 in order to pass training. The commands are:

/addpoint [player] (+1 point)
/removepoint [player] (-1 point)
/clrpoints [player] (removes all points)

  1. Keep in mind, trainers/SS cannot strike a trainee if the trainee corrects themselves before trainers/SS do.

  2. Once a trainer says their trainees pass, they must bring them to the host and the host will rank them accordingly. However, if a trainee receives 3 strikes, did not adequately answer the questions correctly, and/or did not act appropriately during the troll/basic roleplay tests, they have failed the session.

  3. After your session is completely finished, you may take a picture with the staff then kick all/shutdown the server.

After your session:

  1. Head to the Discord server and delete both MEE6’s and Dyno’s messages. This concludes your session.

  2. Head to the Activity Logging Trello board and drag your session card to the “Finished Trainings” column. Make sure all the attendees are on there!

  3. Go to the Hosting Schedule Trello board and drag your session card to the “Training Sessions (concluded)” column.

  4. You may post on the group shout that your training has finished, but it’s not needed.

You’re done!