Roblox Rewind 2016

Thought this was pretty neat. I really hated the official Youtube one. This one feels like it really wraps the community together quite well.


This was really cool

I’m not in it so I didn’t like it…

It wasn’t bad, could definitely use improvement.

The annoying zoom in made me a little dizzy, the 720p is a little dated by now, and some of the transitions were a bit awkward, but I think the effort and the big picture here made up for most of it.

This just reminded me of the fact that I was irrelevant this year :frowning:

Edit: But I do want ROBLOX Rewind to be a yearly thing, maybe even done by Roblox themselves! :open_mouth:

man the disrespect towards me in that :disappointed_relieved:


Lol the inside jokes actually made it feel like a community video.


I find the lack of frogs disturbing.

Other then that pretty good. Better then official yt rewind.

Farming among Friends was included (0:47) :smiley: <3 <3

Oh my goodness I was not expecting that!

Great video; I enjoyed it.

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