Roblox Right To Erase Request

I got this message on my account that I barely use asking me to delete a user-ID from my 5 year old game. But I have no idea how to do that when I don’t have the password or email to log into studio.

The game is essentially blank but I think the user-ID being there is from kohls admin.

I looked at other posts to see if I could ignore this message, but the responses seemed mixed.

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Have you tried resetting your password? I know you’ve already stated that you don’t have the password or email. But, if you connected your old account to a phone number then you could possibly retrieve the account.

Using this post that someone else Also have the right to erase for Kohls admin, unless different, I don’t think Kohls admin uses Datastores, so you should be fine, unless the game you mentioned did indeed use datastores which then, yes you need to figure out how to access your account and delete all their data.

Roblox has to send the request to all creators regardless, and this is an automatic message, and Roblox doesn’t filter this message out if no datastores are used as far as I’m aware. They just tell you regardless so you can remove it and know it exists.

While Kohl’s admin does use data stores, it will not store data for any random user who joins your experience, which I’d believe is the case in this situation.