Roblox Road w/ Realistic Shadows Open Sourced

Roblox Road w/ Realistic Shadows

Roblox Road, is a realistic highway made w/ Realistic Shadows and Terrain Designer (plugin) this is for people who want a realistic game.


Please give credits to me for the shadows, do not re-sell the realistic shadows.


I open sourced this because I am done with making realistic-shadows so I wanted to share my work with the commnunity.


I clicked the link to go inside the place and for some reason, it said this:

I made it private press the 3 dots and press edit. @Th31tru3kn1ght

I know I already did that and tried out the lighting myself on studio’s already

I just randomly forgot but i already knew how to do it

Did you read the full fourm? @Th31tru3kn1ght

Yes i did. I just randomly forgot to press the 3 dots.

Okay make sure to use it correctly.

I just wanted to see if i wanted it or not. When I opened it on studio’s the depth of field and blur was so blurry so i had to take them out to see. Too bright in my opinion. I do kind of wanted to now how to use sunrays correctly

Okay thanks for the feedback. —-