Roblox Scale and Measurement Conversion

I’m not sure if this has been made yet, but I thought it would be helpful resource for developers, especially now that imported 3D models are becoming more commonplace, if not more common than blocks themselves.

My motivation for creating this simple conversion API is that I see alot of developers, especially in the first person shooter genre, making map copies or homages to other games, and they are very rarely to scale. I think you can use this API for a lot of additional things including custom physics, rigs, vehicles, etc.

The code has two separate styles of conversions, one which is realistic and converts to a 1:1 scale with real human earth-like measurements. The other converts based on canon created by Sorcus in a 2012 blogpost (which is roughly 1/5th realscale).

The API has it’s own help function, if you call module.Help() it’ll print out a general overview for you. You can also just look at the code for the help function, which contains all the information anyways.

The code is designed to be run in a modulescript, here is the raw code if you just want to copy/paste:

Here is the script file: Measurement.lua (4.3 KB)

And lastly here is a library model containing the module:

Fun fact:

In a realistic 1:1 scale robloxians live on an earth with a gruelingly lethal 6.77 Gs of gravity. This would make sense because roblox’s GetMass() function is assuming everything is roughly 1/5th realscale. Even so, this could explain why all normal robloxians are more wide than they are tall.

EDIT: Fixed an issue with the SI measurements


You never explained what it does. I’m gathering that it measures something somewhere.

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The title is self explanatory. This is a “Roblox Scale And Measurement Conversion” tool. It quite literally converts real life units to Roblox units (studs), and vice-versa.


My confusion came from

I assumed he meant scale conversion from a different platform (Blender, SFM, etc.) to Roblox, but it still wasn’t clear.

I was making a to-scale model of the solar system. This will come in handy.

Best of luck with that one, I was playing around with measurements myself and a kilometer is roughly 8.3k studs. So I’m not sure you can get it 1:1…