Roblox Shenanigans (Battlegrounds but f r e a k y)

Hello :slight_smile:
I have recently gotten into development (4 Months) and would love to hear feedback from more experienced person(s) about my current project.

Last post did not get any replies :frowning_face:

Please give me:

Feedback on Top Bar.
Feedback on M1 System.
Feedback on UI Look or Feel.
Feedback on Ledge Climbing System.
Suggestions on Features or Mechanics.
Suggestions on Improvement or Change.
Suggestions on Theme or Direction of game (inspiration)

Here is the Game!

If anyone has made a battlegrounds before please share your experience and knowledge with me because it has been a tough 2 months making this!

More Details Below!


The game uses a custom OOP based hitbox, detection and skill system.
I Use AnimationManager Module to control all of the animations within the game.
CameraShaker Is Often Used
I use StunModule and StunModule2v2
I use Knit framework to manage all my scripts
I use (when possible) OOP Programs
I use PartCache for all effects
I use Goodsignal for hitbox detection
The game is heavily optimized. Humanoids, Network and received and sent data is cut down to the lowest amount possible
I Run all my hitbox detection Serverside
I Check replication on Client Side


Voxel Destruction like Jujutsu Shenanigans
Maybe a parry? Idk
Pick and sort your favorite abilities instead of movesets? maybe a bad idea

Thank you!


Hello, i have tested your game and it’s really good and fun! Well, i’m still a novice developer, and i can’t give you some good feedback about your game, but i suggest you to change the music to fit the game’s theme, it’s a fighting game, the music should reflect that. I don’t think that sad music like Relaxed Scene would be good for a battlegrounds game, i suggest you to use epic fighting music.

Well, i want to ask you: ¿How did you make these good animations? I’m always fighting with animations because i’m bad at them…

Thanks! Oh, also i speak spanish and some english, my english is bad, sorry for that.