Roblox should create items that allow players to donate to World Health Organization

A couple of weeks ago, Roblox created some accessories to fund the and Make a Wish organizations. This allowed players to donate their Robux for something real and good. Allowing them to donate to the World Health Organization too would allow everyone on the platform to give what they can to fight the Coronavirus.

Some of the items I mentioned above:


No. The WHO has the money and resources, the problem is certain governments not having the necessary supplies. So far the USA and Spain need the most support. Plus I don’t think it would be such a good idea to bring Roblox community into something as serious as this.


They wouldn’t have been asking for donations if they did…


As @Krunnie mentioned, the WHO has asked for donations and this is a global crisis - if Roblox is supporting foundations it would make sense to fund something this important - and I get that. However, there has been a massive amount of issues with how the WHO has dealt with coronavirus, and if Roblox sent donations to them, it would be a bit of a political statement.

While it’s in a sense our duty to take care of those around us who need help - including giving donations, a company like Roblox setting up donations to the WHO would, as I said, would seem like a political statement, which is generally not a good thing.

This is a serious and really unstable matter in the news right now, and it probably wouldn’t be a great idea for Roblox to get involved in it at all.


I don’t think it necessarily has to be the World Health Organization. I just want Roblox to allow players and developers to somehow give what they can.


Donating money to large organizations does almost nothing to help. You can just as easily inform players to help by donating food/money to local charities/groups. They use the money way more charitable than the W H O


This makes sense to create items to fund WHO.

In the WHO Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan, it states that through April 2020, at least $675 million is needed for critical responses in nations severely affected by the outbreak, and it could change as the outbreak evolves.

I also agree with @RealDevArda. There should be more items that donate elsewhere aside from the WHO (charities, etc.)


After a month, they decided to help!


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