Roblox should get rid of showing results for models/decals/etc if you didn't search

This has become an extremely popular attack vector as of recent. Malicious users are uploading models/decals/etc and then botting them to the top to varying degrees of evil. Recently, two pornographic decals were botted to the front page. I’ve been thinking: why should Roblox show you these items if you didn’t search for them? How often do we actually use anything that shows without searching? For the minority cases, would it really be that bad to just search?

Google Images doesn’t show you anything unless you search for it:

What do you think, good idea? Bad idea?

For clarification, I think this only makes sense for UGC.

TL;DR - Roblox shouldn’t show you models/decals/etc unless you search for it.


Honestly I’d have to agree. I’m not sure why there’s even a “front page” for those things when games can vary so greatly and they seem so broad.
Maybe for people just putting something random together it works though? That’s something that’d probably have to be looked into.


This feature request I made should give younger and/or less experienced developers more help in their games while also solving the issue of the front page of the asset catalogs being dreadful


I haven’t checked that page in a while. Going back to see this makes me agree with this idea.

Edit: The Twitter account goes to someone who looks likes the person who set that up. Doesn’t seem like a “white hat” considering they are publicly posting scripts.


Hes not a white hat becuase he is also botting models and plugins that steal your roblox place, alongside just the twitter links


love this idea

I’ve never looked at decals without having something specific in mind, I always search if I need something (if I don’t already have it commissioned)

same for models.

the only thing I could not see this being useful, is plugins/clothing

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Moving this to feature requests.


I would suggest having preview images shown based on account age and an optional toggle. Anyone under 13 would be restricted to no preview, any accounts above that can toggle whether they see it or not in the settings.