Expand and Bring back the Endorsed Models Program

As as Roblox developer it is too hard to get access to quality free assets. The free models web page does not show any of the endorsed assets, and is filled with many models that botted and are just backdoors for exploiters, or are capable of stealing your places. The decals top relevancy page is useless to developers, as it does not contain textures or useful pictures for map development, but rather contains pictures of items that look like they can be equipped on to your character, likewise with the mesh page. The plugin page is, like the free models page, filled with backdoors and also has fake versions of real plugins, and would benefit from endorsed plugins.

My solution is that the endorsed models program should be brought back, allow for submissions from users with good reputations, and it should be expanded to include decals, plugins, and meshes. The front pages of the models,decals, meshes pages are useless for developers at this moment, and it would be much more helpful if they were filled with nice assets made by fellow developers with good will, rather than filled with useless assets and assets made by people who also make exploit videos.


Some form of curated assets need to come back. There is too much junk to wade through when using the toolbox. I remember being able to use free models and rarely running into a ViRuS ScRiPt but now most models either have malicious scripts or are just garbage.


We are currently thoroughly thinking through a solution to this. We will hopefully have more information on this to share with you next year.


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