Roblox should Make it Easier to Report User Avatars

As a Roblox user, you will occsionally encounter a user violating the Terms of Use, normally using report abuse is sufficient as it happens in the in-game chat. However, there are some cases were the user is participating in violations not because they’re talking in the chat, but because of what their avatar is.

Occasionally I’ll encounter a user whose avatar is against the rules. These avatars can be recreations of infamous historical figures or have their avatars use multiple assets to create something inappropriate, just to name two examples.

While I suspect a system like this already exists within Roblox already, such as reporting their profile directly. It is not abundantly clear for myself and possibly a very large part of Roblox’s player base that you can report a user’s avatar. As a consequence, no action may ever taken against these users cause reports are not being filed in the first place.

If a system like this does not exist. It should. As most of the time, the clothing assets these users are wearing do not break the terms of use in of themselves. So it wouldn’t be a good use of time for you or a Moderator to review that asset when it doesn’t break rules.

An example of what reporting a user’s avatar could look like is seen in the image below. When using that specific report button. It would send an image or model of your avatar to moderators and any assets you’re wearing. And allow them to reset or change your avatar to a different outfit if it breaks Terms of Use or Community Standards and subsequently place a moderation action on your account.

Example Image

If Roblox was to implement a system into their Report Abuse feature that would allow easy reporting of user avatars. It would help improve the overall experience of users as it provides a quick and easy way to report avatars that make users uncomfortable or are direct violations of the Terms of Use.