Roblox shows white screen when loading in game for a few seconds

HP, FPS is on default

Here is ym cpu info if needed


AMD Ryzen 5 3500 6-Core Processor 

Base speed:	3.59 GHz
Sockets:	1
Cores:	6
Logical processors:	6
Virtualization:	Enabled
L1 cache:	384 KB
L2 cache:	3.0 MB
L3 cache:	16.0 MB

Utilization	100% ( is at 100 because I have roblox microsoft version open )
Speed	4.01 GHz
Up time	0:11:55:12
Processes	290
Threads	4321
Handles	210638

so what exactly is the issue here? is the issue you are getting to much lag while playing roblox?

Yes. Also the white screen when loading in

Forgot to say, lag happens randomly and when resetting and teleporting to diff game or area of the game no other game except roblox lags

Happens in any Roblox game even including natural disasters survivor?

Yes, it does. char limitttttttt

Can you see if you can narrow down onto the problem. Like is the problem on Roblox’s end or is there something wrong with your device.

Not my device because I did have win 11, then i updated then it started to be that way

so u updated your device and it broke roblox it seems?

Yes. After I updated it broke.

what windows 11 version are you on?


char limittttttttttt

update??? char limittttttttttttt

I don’t know what the problem could possibly be, but try creating a different account on your pc. Not Roblox account the normal account on pc or try guest mode. See if Roblox works then. The problem could be windows 11 is just very buggy.