Roblox Simulators

[Waring: if you are a developer, this just my opinion, i don’t hate you or you game, it’s just bother me]

When someone is going to the top games in roblox, he will find some of categories are currently Simulators and its kinda annoying, now these days a lot of Dev’s are focused on making simulators

Ex: Ninja Legend, Saber Simulator, Bubble Gum Simulator and other simulators

And there we found something called “copies my game” it’s like giving your homework to someone and be like change some parts of it… As well to
Inspired games, you know that inspired are something and copying are something you can’t just copy someone idea and be like “guys i have a idea”

And some people are questioning this…

Question: What going to happend if the simulators take over the top page

Question: It’s good for developer to make simulator right now?

Question: Is Simulators are taking over the Roblox Top Games?

everyone want to see some unique games myths games, horror games, funny games, role play games, war games anything that not coping, and a lot of others games
If you don’t respect my opinion or dont even like it, tell me in reply section for the reason