Roblox Sinking Ship: Titanic Version 2!

I finally decided to finish Version 2 Of Roblox Sinking Ship: Titanic (RSST)

I would definitely like feedback on the game. As it would help me grow the game and make a better experience for everyone!

Features to expect in Version 2:

  • New Ship
  • New Sinking (It sinks by physics this time)
  • Updates “Coins” Feature
  • New Badges to Collect
  • Lots of Fun

Play the game Here!


After playing it here’s what I have to say:

Great game overall! something I would add is an iceberg and some detailing on the bridge like the controls and as for the rest of the boat I would recommend to put the windows inside of the wall instead on the outside. also I got 13 fps when it was sinking so lag optimization is something you should look into.


I will definitely consider that, Thank you!

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Your FPS would be dropping, since it sinks using physics… There’s not much I can do.

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