Roblox Sit on peoples head obby!

Hello everyone today I bring u an epic game(again)
so in this game u have to sit on peoples head to get passed the stages.
i’ll be in the game so lets see if we can do it!
make sure to say if it was hard or not!
heres the game: roblox sit on people's head obby - Roblox


UPDATE: I fixed the bug that makes it so the seat wont spawn when u die, and i made it so everyone will have to be the same character

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Kinda hard to synchronize the jumps at the same time with the other players on your head.

i just updated it to make the stages a bit more easier, sorry for any inconveniences.

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Okay, I will play your game again.

also im back inside the game so if u want to try and beat it then lets try to!