Roblox Sound, Sounds Differently When Played In A Part

Hello i was testing my game, and one of my sounds when played in a part sounded different then when played in workspace. In workspace the sound makes a cool side to side type sound effect when the ahs play…although in a part it sounds like there was none at all. The sound quality also seems to dip when played in a part.

Here are some video examples. I’m not looking for a fix, just wondering why it happens…

Played In A Part, The ahs seem to just continue with no side to side effect

Played In Workspace. The sound quality seems worse on this one because of the Roblox recorder, it sounds better normally.

Putting sound in a physical object will make the sound fade out/in from the part like real life. Putting the sound in Workspace will play it without a physical point, so it sounds different.

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Yep, putting it in a part makes it 3D audio, playing it from workspace plays it through the game.