Roblox sponsor broken

Reproduction Steps

Sponsor the linked game, we are experiencing this issue on both mobile and tablet sponsors.

Expected Behavior

I expect the game I sponsor to display in sponsor placements across the app and website.

Actual Behavior

Here is a picture of the sponsor I took at 5pm

Here is a picture of the same sponsor I took at 8pm (As you can see it has been running the whole time and picked up 7 impressions)

Here is a picture of a similar sponsor that we ran yesterday:

As you can see there is clearly something wrong with our game’s sponsor today, and from testing on my phone other games are still displaying on the mobile sponsor sort. We are also experiencing the same issue on our tablet sponsor.

We are also not getting any players from these sponsors, so it is not just a visual bug.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: 🌟 Cart Ride - Roblox
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-11-30 00:11:00 (+00:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-11-30 00:11:00 (+00:00)


Hey LuaBearyGood,
I’m not that into Sponsor but may I can help :slight_smile:

I took a look at your sponsor and nofice that your Audience is set to 17+.
The age of Roblox Player are between ~10-15 and mostly anyone who is older than that, aren’t interesting that much into games like “Cart Ride”. They are more into strategy and stuff like that.

I would try to set the Audience to 13+, maybe it will work… Let me know!
(Before I made a big Sponsor, I had different Icons,Banners etc. and run them all at the same time just with a few Robuxs to see which one getting more attention)


Thank you for not reading any of my post,

This isn’t an option

If you had read the post, you would have seen:

a) the picture of the sponsor we ran yesterday which picked up 20x the impressions
b) The fact that the problem isn’t with clicks, our CTR and CPP is good, it Is with impressions which is something completely out of developer’s control.


Oh, I didn’t know that. I’m Sorry- but I’m wondering.
… I just took a look into “Sponsored Experience Ad Creation” and there I have
the Audience option Age: 13-16+.

That’s definitely true, back 2019 I acctually had the same Problem. It was more like an Casino game if you waste your Robuxs or not. As I said, I’m not into that sponsor thing but back then I read that the Roblox AD is “dynamic percentage”. When you invest 30k into a pool alone, you’re the big one but when the Developer claim there Robuxs at the end of the Month and invest Millions into that Pool, you’re just a small guppy swimming around and wasting your Robuxs.

But I hope someone more qualified than me will give you a good answer.

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Hello LuaBearyGood,

Thanks for your report. We have looked into this and have not discovered any issues with the system.

Advertisement space works on a bidding system where the higher you set your Daily Budget amount in relation to other creators’ bids, the more likely your sponsored experience will display within the Sponsored category on the Home and Discover pages. You can learn more about how our bidding system for Sponsored Experiences work here.

During the time in which you were experiencing the slowdown in impressions, we had an influx of high value bids. Ad performance is heavily based on your competition at the time, so campaigns with similar bids on different days are not guaranteed to perform the same.


We have noticed the same issue on another game of ours on completely different days. There is next to no chance that this intentional.

If we were to do some maths, say the comparison image was on a normal day. We got 380k impressions for 30k robux so let’s say 380 / 24 = 15.8 so we were getting around 15,800 impressions per hour. Say this was a pretty normal day and maybe 5 million robux was being spent on sponsors at that time.

On the next day we went down to 2 impressions per hour. 15,800 / 2 = 7,900 so if we were to assume your theory was right then 5 million * 7,900 = ~39 billion robux.

Unless you are claiming that on the day of the sponsor, 39 billion robux was spent on sponsors then I don’t see how this can be intentional?

For reference that is approximately 130,000,000 USD on a single day of roblox sponsors

Hi LuaBearyGood,

We have not detected any widespread issues with our sponsorship system. If you have any more details of any recent issues with sponsoring please share and we will have the team investigate. Thank you.

My recent sponsors have all been fine, although Im still waiting for and expect a refund on the sponsor in this post.

I don’t think you can honestly say that these two sponsors, with the same targeting, on consecutive days should reasonably be that far apart. (If you want to know how illogical it is, you’re welcome to check my above reply).

Sure the sponsor system is working at the moment, but it clearly was not on the 29th-30th of November, and I therefore still want a refund.

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Thanks for your patience, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve looked into the issue and you should be receiving a refund shortly.