Roblox Stone statue

I made this very cool statue hihihi


Woah, that looks really nice, it looks like real stone! Blender, im guessing?

10/10 from me, who is that exactly?

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It’s not really anyone its just the basic roblox character.

Yes it’s all made in blender by myself.

Cool statue.
I don’t really have anything else to say but “Good job!”

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You did an amazing job with this.

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any number divided by 0 is undefined.
So ur saying his work is worthless?

Personally, I think his work is 100/ONE
meaning extremely good.

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I must say that the Roblox logo has an outline and a lighter color than the statue itself, but that might be done intentionally. The stone statue looks wobbly but that’s what adds to the realism of it is a statue. I really like the overall structure of it. It really looks amazing and I picture this in a game lobby. Great job!


(Mods trying to make my post more “serious” :unamused:)

you are better then the entire roblox statue community
this has to be in Roblox City or else… :wink:

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