ROBLOX Studio 2013 Decal Selection Bug

When I’m trying to edit decals in my ROBLOX places, often times when I double click the decal (when the orange outline appears) my entire ROBLOX Studio window freezes. On the second click, the grabber hand stays frozen “grabbing” and my entire window freezes then clouds up.

I’ve tried this on a few different games - laggy or not - and it happened in every game after about 2-3 double clicks.

I’ve lost hours of work from this, and it happens to me almost every time I do anything related to decals.

I use this to find a desired part inside a model. I have never experienced a problem like this. I’ve never click it more than twice though. I’m going to try that out.

well it’s 2014 now maybe that’s your problem


Save frequently is all I can say. I haven’t run into this issue as of yet.

I ALWAYS get these freezing issues. Inserting decals, models, whatever. It’s not as bad as before but it’s pretty bad. 1 in 10 decals will usually crash studio. And please don’t blame specs. I got mah custom build :wink: