Roblox studio and blender crashing when roblox player opens

Recently, roblox studio and blender have started crashing every time I launch the roblox player. As soon as I launch the game, studio and blender imminently stop responding and do not save my work. I also cannot re open them. When I try to open studio while roblox player is open, studio does not show up, but I can see it in task manager. This has been annoying me for a while now and has slowed down my work. No error codes or anything show up it, windows just shows the “robloxstudio.exe has stopped responding”. Blender, on the other hand, does open, but takes a long time before it actually opens. Im not sure why its just studio and blender that crash as I cannot think of anything that they might have in common, causing them to both crash at the same time.