Roblox Studio Application shows incorrect Place-name

Whenever you change a game name through the website or Game Settings, the application app/browser doesn’t update the name correctly and confuses me a bit in some situations and times when updating a game and wanting it to be up-to-date.

I’ve tried restarting and reinstalling studio, bug stills replicating afterward, super annoying when I mistake my game for another game or something else.

How to reproduce:

  • Open up Roblox Studio / a new place.
  • Head to Game Settings or change the name on the website.
  • Change or remove some letters in the game name.
  • Restart / close Roblox Studio, go back and open the game again.
  • When doing so, see the Application of Roblox Studio and see if it matches the game.
    • I know this works on Microsoft / Windows 10.
    • ^ Not too sure about Apple…

I’m using a Windows 10, Acer Nitro i5, Microsoft Windows 10 Home.

Studio Version: 0.457.0.414557 (64-bit) as of 11/19/2020.
System: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9300HM CPU @ 2.40GHz.

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