Roblox Studio "Assistant" app

My idea is an app that connects to Studio through LAN and lets you use your phone or tablet as a second monitor of sorts. When the app is active, you can move any window (e.g. Output or Properties) to your device, and manipulate it from there.

For instance, if I put the Output on my tablet, that means I either don’t have to switch tabs to see it, or use up a lot screen space having it at the bottom of Studio. Alternatively if I put my hierarchy on my tablet, I could quickly select anything I want with a tap.

One could even move toolbar buttons to your device. With a small dedicated screen, I could have every tool I ever need at my fingertips without the hassle of changing tabs in the RibbonBar to get to them.

I don’t even know if such an app would be possible, it’s just an idea that occurred to me the other day. Your thoughts?

I honestly can’t see how a phone can serve as being very useful when you can just set up a dual-screen. Although, neither has much integration with Studio, but at least, you can move your panes over to a second screen.

It would be nice if that Developer app (that’s only available for iOS) would be available for Android.
Testing mobile stuff using the Pair Device thing would be soo much easier for non-iOS people.

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Would make it so much easier to test my games for mobile.

Explain that to duet a top selling app numerous times on the mac app store and appstore for iOS devices

What I’d MUCH prefer is real dual screen support in Studio.

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Ah, but how is that not, in essence, a dual-screen implementation on a different system?

Some people don’t have the space/money/need for a second monitor setup dual screen, I know a lot of people in my class that drag steam chats onto their iPad for example to reduce screen clutter. You original post was saying ‘how a phone could not be very useful as a second monitor’ so I just gave an example of an app which essentially makes your iOS device act like another monitor. Handy indeed although again there’s no official ROBLOX multi-screen support anyway which they should add

Who here wouldn’t want the ability to view Studio’s output on their mobile device?

We’ll find out!