Roblox Studio Audio Focusing

The Issue I’m having is that when roblox studio is open then all of the audio on the rest on of my computer (like youtube and stuff) will lower itself. I’m pretty sure its called audio focusing and I don’t really know how to fix it so I’m posting it here. If any of you know the solution feel free to reply. Thanks!

I’m not sure if there’s a possible way to disable this feature. It may have something to do with how your OS operates.

Is there really no way to disable it? I mean all of my youtube basically goes silent like to the point where I can’t here it at all. But does wearing headphones disable it? As far as I remember when I wore headphones the effect didn’t really come.
Also sorry for the late response I was caught up with something.

Like I said once again, it may be because of your OS. If you’re on Windows, you can try disabling audio enhancements and see if your problem has been solved.

On Windows, this feature only exists natively when an application declares itself a communication application. This was when people made calls on their computers using modems, where it would lower the volume of sounds.

I’d assume it’s some sort of external software.